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Pete Black­shaw — ConsumerGeneratedMedia.com
Very nice syn­the­sis of what’s going on today. And I think your builds on the CFM con­cept are spot-on! — Pete Blackshaw

Robin Good — MasterNewMedia.org
hi Kevin,
first time I am read­ing you and I must com­pli­ment you for the qual­ity post here above. Focused, con­ver­sa­tional, direct, easy to read, rich in ref­er­ences and exam­ples. I couldn’t ask for more… — Robin Good

Chris — MindControlMarketing.com
…you men­tioned a lot of really prac­ti­cal ways Social Media can be used as an excel­lent cus­tomer ser­vice tool. Looks like all it takes is a keen under­stand­ing of how Social Media sites work and how cus­tomers can be reached using these sites. Thanks for the tips! — Chris

Mar­tijn Blom — Datability.nl

David Niall Wil­son — MacabreInk.com

Tinu Abayomi-Paul — TinuStuff.com/Blog

Mar­cel LeBrun — Radian6.com
Great com­pre­hen­sive overview of Twit­ter and its value for busi­nesses. Thanks for men­tion­ing Radian6 — we always appre­ci­ate that. Twit­ter is an inter­est­ing thing, because the value isn’t imme­di­ately obvi­ous, but once com­pa­nies fig­ure it out the ben­e­fits are tremen­dous. — Mar­cel LeBrun

Ari Her­zog — AriWriter.com
Use­ful stuff here, though I’d sug­gest not to over­bur­den peo­ple and orga­ni­za­tions with ver­sion num­bers. For­get about Web 2.0 and Sell­ing 2.0 and every­thing else 2.0; for the moment you men­tion it, a hand will raise and a voice will ask, “What is 1.0 and why do 2.0 if there will be a 3.0?” — Ari Herzog

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