No Brand Is Destined To Be A Laggard

by Kevin Singarayar on July 22, 2008

in Business Strategy

Espe­cially now that social media has arrived with much aplomb.

The lack of resources, or the lack of any­thing for that mat­ter, is not an excuse for lim­it­ing the ambi­tions of an entre­pre­neur, or a busi­ness any longer.

To reach your busi­ness goals today, requires more than any­thing else, out-of-the-box think­ing.  You need to be unortho­dox in your approach and chal­lenge the con­ven­tions of establishment.

And to stay ahead of your com­pe­ti­tion, you need to spawn your own revolution.

There won’t be any rev­o­lu­tion in Amer­ica,” said Isadore. Nikitin agreed.  “The peo­ple are all too clean. They spend all their time chang­ing their shirts and wash­ing them­selves.  You can’t feel fierce and rev­o­lu­tion­ary in a bathroom.”

- Juan in Amer­ica (1931) bk. 5, pt. 3

That’s what Yiy­ing Lu did with her Fail Whale.  Instead of apply­ing the “estab­lished” busi­ness rules of sell­ing, Yiy­ing applied fore­sight, even if it wasn’t inten­tional.  And the power of social media took care of the rest.

I’ll let Sarah Perez tell you the story of the Fail Whale.

Your Moti­va­tional Proverb Of The Day — Don’t bite the hand that…looks dirty

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