Have you heard? Michael Dell has been refused by the U.S. Patent and Trade­mark Office to cash in on the buzz­word, “cloud com­put­ing”. Not exactly break­ing news, I know, but Dell to sell its fac­to­ries world­wide is (more on that later). I was root­ing for Dell to win, actu­ally. And it’s not because I own a Dell. It has got more to do with me want­ing the titans of busi­ness to cash in on insignif­i­cant catch­phrases like “cloud com­put­ing,” that are as Ted Dzi­uba puts it — catch­phrases in puberty. Mean­ing, Dell could trade­mark the phrase “cloud com­put­ing” all they want, but it’ll be worth squat once the digerati drops the grok bomb and adopts some­thing more apt to define hyperscale.


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