SWOT Analysis

Below, is an excerpt from the book, Com­pet­ing For The Future, by Gary Hamel and C.K. Pra­ha­lad. It ties in nicely with my last post on SWOT Analy­sis. You don’t want to make the mis­take of dis­miss­ing any­thing these two bril­liant minds on busi­ness strat­egy have to say as mel­liflu­ous poppycock.


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An acronym for – Strengths, Weak­nesses, Oppor­tu­ni­ties, Threats – SWOT (though some mar­ket­ing gurus pre­fer the dyslexic ver­sion of it; TOWS) has become an indis­pens­able tool for busi­nesses that pos­sess a mod­icum of aware­ness of its profit-generating potential.


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