Warren Buffett, In Conversation with Charlie Rose

by Kevin Singarayar on October 8, 2008

in Business Strategy

Ed Dale rec­om­mended watch­ing this.  And so I did.  The quotes below are my per­sonal favourites.  You could choose your own after watch­ing it ====>

I look at every­thing Char­lie, that’s my job.

You want to be greedy when oth­ers are fear­ful, and you want to be fear­ful when oth­ers are greedy.

I’d rather be approx­i­mately right, than pre­cisely wrong.

This really is an eco­nomic Pearl Harbour.

When Berk­shire Hath­away laid out 3 bil­lion dol­lars for GE today, we didn’t spend it, we invested it.

Human beings going through com­bi­na­tions of fear, greed and all of that sort of thing, their behav­ior can lead to bubbles.

You”ll get into a lot of trou­ble when you start putting fic­ti­tious num­bers on value.

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